"Imperial Edition" and a BRAND NEW RECORD

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More stuff from Demagolka coming soon.

- Stateslaver Zero

"Construction Worker" released; Demagolka calls it quits

Hello everyone!

We released our latest album, a compilation titled "Construction Worker" which is a collection of b-sides, non-album singles, rarities and unreleased pieces, encompassing genres such as industrial rock, ambient, experimental drum and bass, cinematic fantasy music and so on.

DOWNLOAD: archive | sonicsquirrel

The album contains two tracks from our cancelled sixth studio album, "Imaneya" - "Cluster Bomb 98" and "Imaneya". One more song is featured on "Daratar (Special Edition)" and it's "Dogmentation".

This cancellation also means that Demagolka is disbanding. Our career spanned 13 years, five studio albums and several EPs and singles. I would hereby like to thank all past members, collaborators and sample makers, our audience and fans for support - thank you very much!

- Doc Demagol

"Construction Worker" - almost released

We released "Construction Worker" today, but due to technical difficulties it is unavailable for download. We apologize for the inconvenience!

For now, enjoy this material from the compilation - two brand new pieces:


You can also find new artwork there.

"Construction Worker" will be available on archive.org and sonicsquirrel hopefully as soon as possible.

"Meldlem" download

Here's the download link for "Meldlem", our latest single courtesy of Brandtosaurus Records. Enjoy! Be sure to check out their re-issue of "Daratar" as well!

Daratar: Special Edition released - and a new single, too!

We would like to announce that Brandtosaurus Release (Randall's own label) released a special edition of Demagolka's third studio album, Daratar. This is surely one of our finest and most important works and now it comes with three bonus tracks, including a remixed version of "Stress That" and our industrial rock hit, "Dogmentation".

You can get the album here. More download options will be available soon.

Randall also prepared a new single, "Meld", to promote the Special Edition. "Meld / Meldlem" contains the original song (a post-rockish droney experimental rock piece with tribal elements) and its remix. You can get it here. More download options coming soon!


"Altahe" has just been released!

We are proud to announce that our latest studio album, "Altahe", has been released through Team Nakrikal.

Download options:

archive | sonicsquirrel

Very special thanks to Joe Meland, who joined us to finish the album!

In other news...

We would also like to announce our next project, a compilation titled "Construction Worker". It will contain B-sides and non-album singles as well as previously unreleased pieces - outtakes, alternate versions, cancelled projects and rarities. It will be released this September. Stay tuned!

New Album: "Altahe" (STREAM IT NOW!)

Hello everyone!

We have just finished working on our fifth studio album, "Altahe".

It is a space fantasy concept album which is supposed to be our answer to Pulsipher's "Isip" and Gutterhulk's "Shadow Hunters". You can stream it below:

The album will hopefully be available as an "official" download later this September. Enjoy!

New single: "Bull Kull"!

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, so here's something - a new single! Demagolka's own Hotline Miami soundtrack, "Bull Kull" is an edited and differently mixed version of "MoTeK/Nateshimura" from the band's latest studio album, "Haestrom".

We tested it in the game, replacing one of the existing tracks and it fit perfectly!


Haestrom: More download options

Lured by Grooveshark's promise of 20,000,000 prospective fans we released "Haestrom" there as well.

The album is also available on sonicsquirrel (FLAC), last.fm (320kbps MP3) and in our Stream & Download section.

"Haestrom" - new album premiere!

"Haestrom" is finally ready!

Demagolka's fourth studio album and Doc Demagol's solo effort, "Haestrom" is a drum and bass-themed rather experimental material, blending ambient and industrial soundscapes, darkstep influences, illbient and ambient techno. The album is inspired by Strapping Young Lad and Hotline Miami, as well as artists such as Perturbator, The Blood Of Heroes and so on.

The album is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on archive.org (lossless formats & other download options) and it will soon be uploaded to sonicsquirrel, Last.fm and Grooveshark.

You can also stream the material here:

- Doc Demagol